To bring more values to intangible IPs


1Reliable Services Based Upon Our Half-Century History

We are proud that, since its establishment in 1967, our firm has made sincere efforts to respond to our clientsโ€™ requests with our quality services, and we are determined to continue to such efforts. We believe that good communications with our clients are the key to success.

2 Experts Specialized in IP Laws with Technological Expertise

One of our service principles is to bring more values to our clientsโ€™ intellectual properties based upon legal and technical expertise as well as practical experience cultivated from our half century history as a patent law firm in Japan. All of our attorneys are specialized in intellectual property laws and are also knowledgeable in some specific technological fields.

3Former Patent Office Examiners

In order to provide our clients with the best conceivable advice on their prosecution strategies, it is important to be aware of JPO examinersโ€™ thinking patterns. Some of the attorneys on our staff are former examiners at JPO and, with their knowledge and experiences, we can inform our clients of a suitable strategy to overcome an Office Action in an effective manner.